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Our Mission  

Partner with you to deliver a flexible combination of values tailored to your needs, improve the bottom-line and execution using variant techniques: P&L analysis, Portfolio Resource Management,  Process Improvement, Fact-based Decision Making, Management Dashboards, and much more... 

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Execution Excellence

Companies are here for the best service, growth, expansion, challenges and money.
We will do an HOLISTIC business analysis of the organization as a matrix of:

  • Core business

  • Sales

  • Resources

  • Marketing

  • Business models

  • Available processes & tools

YOU will benefit GROWTH as you will:

  • Do more with less

  • Increase effectiveness

  • Increase efficiency

Years of experience working and consulting global companies such as Intel, Marvell, General Electric, Medtronic, and others, allowed us to develop a unique capability of looking at an organization as a holistic fragile eco-system, where all pieces are equally important and impacting the organization.

Proper analysis of the different pieces individually and as a part of the eco-system, bringing insights into the organization, that will allow growth, expansion and overall increase in revenues.

Bridging available tools, P&L, executive guidelines, core business, current processes and management guidance.​

Portfolio Management

In high performing organizations, managers focus on their mission critical tasks, and optimize their time and energy by clearly articulating what are the goals and priorities. Then, they request a well defined set of indicators (KPIs), which will reflect what matters to them, in order to make the right and timely decisions. PMinsight has lots of experience defining and facilitating the process, and within a short time, status reports will be clear, easy to execute, and enable focus on the issues where manager’s attention is irreplaceable.

Project Office Development

An internal Project Management Office gives organizations the ability to achieve consistently successful results across their entire portfolio of projects, creating a foundation that can turn project management into a competitive advantage

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"I worked with Ayala in 2 roles that I had. The first was as SW & Algorithms Manager in GE healthcare and the second as Engineering Manager.
In both roles I needed help in organizing the team tasks and getting a clear picture to what is going on as quickly as possible.
With Ayala I found a partner that not only helped me organize and plan but also think of creative ways to get the picture across to all of my people.
Ayala has a talent in creating smart clear dashboards that get the message across. She makes them look simple (even though they aren't).
In Ayala I found a partner rather then only a consultant and it was a pleasure working with her.
A true asset to anyone and I know that in the future we will work together again."

Guy Tsafrir, VP R&D, GE Healthcare

"Ayala is one of the most professional project management consultant I've ever worked with.
I had the pleasure working with Ayala
on complicated project I managed, and with her energetic and positive energy she created the right atmosphere to move and built managerial methodologies and tools, in order to improve product management processes, including customer-facing interfaces.
She brought to our company a huge knowledge with focus on our unique processes and corporate culture. 
I'll recommended any company to work with Ayala, she is a real asset to any organization"

Oren Gryfner, Director of Quality & EH&S, Strauss Water Ltd

"Ayala arrived to GE to assist with Project Management  of Cardio ULS development.

After 2.5 years together, she managed to implemented PMI methodologies, extended the Map-Day methodology in a way that on a basic routine, all stakeholders were aligned with the management guidelines as well as the  execution details.
She planned and tracked the projects, assist with risk management, resource management and project high level, up to date snapshot, for management purposes.
She led big changes in project management view, understanding and implementation in our organization and did it always in a pleasant and calm way.
I enjoyed very much working with Ayala and will be happy to work with her again in the future."

Amir Lichter, VP R&D, GE Healthcare

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