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In high performing organizations, managers focus on their mission critical tasks, and optimize their time and energy by clearly articulating what are the goals and priorities. Then, they request a well defined set of indicators (KPIs), which will reflect what matters to them, in order to make the right and timely decisions. PMinsight will help you with this process, and within a short time, status reports will be clear, easy to execute, and enable focus on the issues where manager’s attention is irreplaceable.





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"Ayala arrived to GE to assist with Project Management of Cardio ULS development. After 2.5 years together, she managed to implemented PMI methodologies, extended the Map-Day methodology in a way that on a basic routine, all stakeholders were aligned with the management guidelines as well as the execution details...."

Amir Lichter, VP R&D, GE Healthcare

"We needed a high quality project plan to win a bid. We met PMinsight Project Management experts to explain our needs and the project framework. Within less than a week and only two short phone calls, PMinsight delivered the best plan we could ask for, which delighted our customers."

David Keynan, CEO, BDO-I2I

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