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Execution Excellence   

In high performing organizations, managers focus on their mission critical tasks, and optimize their time and energy by clearly articulating what are the goals and priorities. Then, they request a well defined set of indicators, which will reflect what matters to them, in order to make the right and timely decisions. PMinsight will help you with this process, and within a short time, project/program/portfolio status reports will be clear, easy to execute, and enable focus on the issues where manager’s attention is irreplaceable.



What did go well, which we want to replicate and teach?

What did go wrong, that we want to understand and avoid next time?

One of the most important roles of an organization manager is to continuously improve the organization. The two key ingredients at successes on this role are: measurement and lessons learned.

PMinsight will facilitate the process of defining the behaviors you wish to improve in your organization, then set the most appropriate KPIs to ignite and accelerate this change. At gating points, or whenever you decide to run a Debriefing process, PMinsight will make it an even more powerful exercise, via a professional facilitation and the objectivity of an external party.

The constructive debriefing (aka “post-mortem” ) at the end of a project, at a milestone or following a crisis, can be an extremely productive tool improving the organization. However, this goal is often missed. Sometimes due to objective reasons, but most often because the process is not held in an optimal way: the parties are emotionally involved, the questions asked are perceived as threatening etc… As an external party, we bring the necessary objectivity and balance between the need to understand the root causes and keeping the atmosphere open and constructive.


Key Performance Indicators

Operational Indicators assist the managers achieving their operational goals. Delays, resources load, budget consumed etc… are derived from the project management tools, to reflect the current state of the project. An organization striving to continuously improve itself, generates and monitors the Key Performance Indicators of teams, functions and other aspects of the organizations. PMinsight will assist the management team defining and generating these KPIs.

Then, managers will set the targets for their teams, and monitor these KPIs until they reach their respective targets, or make decisions and changes to make this happen.

Good KPI Practices:

  • Too many KPIs saturate the organization’s and manager's attention. We believe that few right KPIs  should be set by the organization manager, in alignment with his/her vision of the main desired improvement areas.

  • Managers naturally want to improve their team’s performance. When the right KPIs are presented to them, the way to improvement is typically clear.

  • A KPI reaching stability has exhausted its role. New targets need to be set, or the KPI to be dropped and replaced by a more useful one.

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