Jump Start 

Short-term, affordable commitment, but long term results for your company

When you launch a pilot project, we’ll get your project team trained and practicing our comprehensive project planning methodology in just a few short days. And you’ll quickly see how bringing PMinsight on-board will provide long-term value to your organization.

You need a jump start if:

  • You need help correcting a troubled project already under way.

  • You have a project that would benefit from an organized launch.

  • You’re beginning a new project and would like a firsthand look at the impact, training and consulting, will have on your end result.

What's a Jump Start?

A cost-effective project launch program that packages the training, consulting and tools you need to get your project either back on track, or headed down the right path for success. In addition to enabling your team to quickly participate in the development of a project schedule in a compressed time-frame, you’ll also get an immediate view of the project’s status before making further investment in time, resources and money.

Jump start includes:
  • One day of project pre-planning

  • Optional two-day project management course

  • Three days of project planning (Map-Day)

  • Core Team Trained in a Proven Methodology

  • Project Charter

  • Work Breakdown Structure

  • High-Level Project Plan

What's Next?
  • You’ve got an understanding of your project’s status, you know the critical path necessary to meet the deadline, you’ve got your project team up to speed, and you have an initial plan. What you do with that plan may be the difference between success and failure.

  • You may follow the project launch with PMinsight control processes that will help you stay on track, carrying out your initial plan down to the last detail. Status memos, control presentations, and custom reports keeping everyone informed and hold team members accountable for their activities. Using proven metrics to make sure you always know the health of your projects.