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GE Healthcare

"Ayala arrived to GE to assist with Project Management  of Cardio ULS development.

After 2.5 years together, she managed to implemented PMI methodologies, extended the Map-Day methodology in a way that on a basic routine, all stakeholders were aligned with the management guidelines as well as the  execution details.
She planned and tracked the projects, assist with risk management, resource management and project high level, up to date snapshot, for management purposes.
She led big changes in project management view, understanding and implementation in our organization and did it always in a pleasant and calm way.
I enjoyed very much working with Ayala and will be happy to work with her again in the future."
Amir Lichter, VP R&D, GE Healthcare




"We needed a high quality project plan to win a bid. We met PMinsight Project Management experts to explain our needs and the project framework. Within less than a week and only two short phone calls, PMinsight delivered the best plan we could ask for, which delighted our customers."

David Keynan, CEO, BDO-I2I

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