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How to implement a buffer in MS Project

How to create a buffer?

The only step left after you watched the video, is to show the percentage of buffer left above the buffer bar.

In order to do so, we need to add an additional column, renaming Number1 (or any other Number Column) to “Buffer Left”. Then, set this field (via “customize Field” ) to the following formula:

1-([Baseline Duration]-[Duration])/[Baseline Duration]

Note: for milestones tasks, this formula will result in an error, since the Baseline Duration for Milestones equals 0. But since we will show it only for Buffers – we don’t care…


Last: remember we defined a distinct Bar Style for Buffers? Let’s go back there (Format -> Bar Styles -> Buffer ) and select the ‘Text’ tag. There, for the ‘Above Bar’ text, let’s select “Buffer Left”


This is it: from now on, for buffers only, the number above the bar will show the buffer left, from 1 for a full buffer to 0 for no buffer 

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