Project Management Consulting Services 

PMinsight project management consulting services have an impressive track record of providing our clients with proven solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Not only we have the experience to roll-up our sleeves to help drive your high-priority project to successful completion, but also have the expertise to mentor your personnel through the process of adopting a more structured approach. If you require a customized approach, PMinsight will help  your organization deliver near-term successes on your projects while moving your organization in the right direction. 

Based on the needs of the project / urgency, we will assemble a custom team with the level of experience and size that your project requires.


Lead large cross-functional project teams on challenging projects. Regularly facilitate:
  • Program charters that define scope and goals

  • High-level and detailed schedules

  • Activity identifications, including duration, responsibilities and resources

  • Resource analysis

  • Validation and compression of schedules

  • Establishment of procedures, standard reports,  metrics and templates

  • Implementation of Project Offices


Lead small- to medium cross-functional projects. Regularly facilitate:
  • Program charters that define scope and goals

  • Work Breakdown Structures that identify work phases, deliverables, and activities

  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules

  • Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources

  • Validation and compression of schedules

  • Generation of status memos for key stakeholders

  • Client instruction in the use of project management tools/methods

Project Management Coordination
  • Generate reports to inform stakeholders of project status

  • Identify areas that need attention by the project manager

  • Enter data into the project management software

  • Update project files during the normal schedule update cycle