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Companies are here for the best service, growth, expansion, challenges, and money

Do more with less

Increase effectiveness

Increase efficiency 

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How will I do it?

HOLISTIC business analysis of the organization as a matrix of:

  • Core business
  • Sales
  • Resources
  • Marketing
  • Business models
  • Available processes & tools
  • P&L

With years of experience working and consulting global companies such as Intel, Marvell, General Electric, Covidien, and others, allowed me to develop a unique capability of looking at an organization as a holistic fragile eco-system, where all pieces are equally important and impacting the organization.

Proper analysis of the different pieces individually and as a part of the eco-system, bringing insights into the organization, that will allow growth, expansion and overall increase in revenues.

I will bridge between available tools, P&L, executive guidelines, core business, current processes and management guidance.​

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"Ayala arrived to GE to assist with Project Management of Cardio ULS development. After 2.5 years together, she managed to implemented PMI methodologies, extended the Map-Day methodology in a way that on a basic routine, all stakeholders were aligned with the management guidelines as well as the execution details...."

Amir Lichter, VP R&D, GE Healthcare

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